First Grave on the Right - Darynda Jones What a freakin' great book! There were so many times I was laughing out loud and making some of the sayings my favorite quotes. This is a first book for this author and she did such a fantastic job. I think this is my absolute favorite for 2011. I've ordered the 2nd book in the series from the library but plan on adding them to my own library because they are definitely re-reads.

Charlotte "Charley" Davidson is a PI, helps out the local police, is a bartender at her father's bar for some extra money and is the grim reaper. Although she's more of a very nice grim reaper, her life hasn't always been great. Her father and now her uncle use her to help solve crimes because she talks to the dead until they pass over to heaven. (She hasn't really met any who have passed the other way.) She's having dreams that remind her of a boy she met when she was in 9th grade and she's trying to find out why 3 lawyers were gunned down.

I would recommend this book to everyone!