Pleasure Planet - Claire Thompson, Beverly Havlir Anthology. A much better than average anthology. 4.5 stars

Eros by Claire Thomspon. Aria goes on vacation where they take into account her likes and dislikes and match up everything accordingly. She meets Ronan and they find out shortly after meeting each other that they care more for each other than they should. Now Ronan has to find his way back to her and she has to trust that he can. Very good story. First time reading this author too. ****

Tristan's Woman by Beverly Havlir. Ava is a half-breed on the same planet as noted above and as a half-breed, she's not allowed to get close to anyone on the planet. She can dance but that's it. Tristan is looking for his people that escaped their world for a time when war started. He may have found one but will the planet let her go? I liked the story the best although they were both really good.