How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire - Kerrelyn Sparks Shanna is a dentist in the witness protection program after testifying against a Russian mobster. The mobster sends out a vampire hitman to kill her at the same time that Roman comes to get one of his fangs fixed. He rescues her, while she does the "Yes, you rescued me, but can I really trust you because I don't know you and even though you rescued me I'm going to treat you like the enemy." Eventually you think Shanna has finally made up her mind regarding Roman, but no one minute she says it won't work, then she thinks how can I live without him and when he wakes up she's back to this is a bad idea. I liked this book until the last 30 pages or so, then the ending was so hokey. Her dad shaking his fist that he's going to kill all the "demons" while Shanna and Roman look into each other eyes. She tells Roman not to worry about it, he'll get used to use. He's shaking a fist clutching a wooden stake Shanna, I don't think he's going to learn to live with it. I would have given this book another star if the ending wasn't so ridiculous.