Justice - Laurann Dohner This one was about Justice, the leader of the new species, and Jessie, the redhead that saves all the gift women. They meet when she's attacked by some new species that have been saved from a facility. Justice was her savior and they end up having dinner together because she has some ideas she wants to tell him. Dinner leads to the "Oh, you're so tense how about I give you a massage" scenario. One that I can't believe is still in use. But Justice can't let himself fall for a human. He too much in the public eye for it and ending up with a species female is his only option. That's what he thinks!

At first Jessie got on my nerves. I'm a little sick of the woman who doesn't want anyone telling her what to do and rushes in to situations. But I liked that she smiled a lot. I'm also a sucker for break-up scenes, almost always make me cry, which I think is good in a book. I like when a book draws on my emotions and I think that's what fiction should do - happy, sad, disgusted, fearful - those are the best books. This one did the job. This is really a good series.