Howl (includes: Leashed, #1) - Jet Mykles, Jeigh Lynn, Raine Weaver Anthology. 3.33 stars. Better than average anthology. First time reading Jeigh Lynn and Raine Weaver. I really enjoyed Jet Mykles short story too.

Leashed: A Two for One Deal by Jet Mykles. Meg is a witch who sends out a spell that brings a shifter to her to be "leased" metaphysically tied to her. She needs this because a bad warlock is out to make her part of coven whether she likes it or not. Michael and Rudy arrive and are not happy because they've been leashed before and although they won't say it, it must have been unpleasant. I liked this story. I've read one of her Dark Fae books and liked this modern one more. ****

Wolfe's Gait by Raine Weaver. Red is caught in the middle of a storm and the nearest house is Grayson Wolfe's. A story very slightly based on Little Red Riding Hood. My mind wandered throughout this story. **

All Hallow's Moon by Jeigh Lynn. Jill is on her way to a Halloween party and hits a dog - a really big dog. When she goes to an empty cabin, the dog changes to Devon "Dash" and she finds out she's his mate. Really cute story. ****