Ja-rael's Lioness - Angelique Anjou Thanks for the recommendation Jacqueline! This was really a great book.

Elise is part of a group that has landed on a planet escaping an Earth that had been hit by meteorites. She's looking for food before she's allowed back at the compound. She goes to a stream and there sees Jarael, whose pheromones drive them drive them into each others' arms. He's a healer who is trying to make enough money for a bride that are in short supply. Now that's he's found Elise and they've had sex, he considers her his mate and he's taking her home. He thinks she's a lost tribe of maned lionesses. When he finds out she's from another planet entirely, he's not too happy but she's his mate so he'll live with it. He just lives with in a very cold shoulder, minimum contact way. Those parts of the book were a little heartbreaking. Elise is falling in love with him, but he keeps such a huge distance between them. They do eventually reconcile and although I sometimes don't like it when everything is forgotten and forgiven, this was handled really well.

I loved the epilogue too.

I would recommend this book.