Keep Me Safe - Skye Warren Short story. 90 pages.

The story starts with a rape, but both people are unwilling. Zachary is undercover but in order to stop her from being gang raped he has to do this in front of everyone. Rachel doesn't realize this and just wants to get through it. He's as gentle as he can be but if he wants her to be kept from everyone else he can't stop. Later when she escapes, she learns who he is. Zachary is having a hard time living with what he did because he had actually been interested in her before the rape. They come to some kind of understanding and then the bad guys get her again. This time Zachary can't save her and the rape scenes are just awful.

I categorized this as romantic suspense but it's really horror. Zachary and Rachel find some kind of love through all of this but what a horrible journey.

Very good, disturbing book.