Shield's Lady - Amanda Glass, Jayne Ann Krentz I almost gave up on this book. Sariana drove me bananas. She would say black was white just to disagree with Gryph. I don't mind a little of that but this book skated the edge.

Sariana is from the business, logical eastern provinces and moves to the western free thinking, artistic provinces to prove herself after she is not accepted in business college for being too much of a free thinker. She works for an influential family who is about to lose everything when a historical item their family has always been in charge of is stolen. She hires a Shield, the class that finds and punishes wrongdoers. The Shield's are also psychic and each Shield only has one mate who is linked to them. Sariana to her horror is that woman. Marriage consists of opening his fanny pack, or whatever they called it. That's when Sariana goes crazy with the denial, even stuff that's happening at that exact moment. Finally she comes to her senses, but it's the worst "A ha!" moment I've read. I thought, "That's it, that's what makes you finally believe him?" Whatever! I have the 2nd book in this series, but I'm not for sure that I'll read it. This was listed as one of the top 100 sci-fi romances and I have no idea why. It's good but not that good.