Enamored - First time reading this author and it was just okay. I hated Diego the first half of the book, he was such a dick. His pride meant more than anything to him and the way he blamed Melissa for trapping him. He's 30 years old, she's a 20 year old virgin and he was trapped? She'd always had a crush on him. He was the sexual aggressor. And then after being forced to marry her, he's gone for six weeks, leaving her to his bitter grandmother and pussy sister who would leave the room whenever she entered telling her how much they despise her. When he finally comes back, he tells her she repulses him. Is it any wonder why she left him?

I just couldn't get beyond all of the shit he said and pulled in the beginning of the book enough to like him for the 2nd half. I have about 5 of her books, but I'm not sure if I'll keep reading them or sell them. On the fence.