Stone Cold - Robert B. Parker Audiobook.

First time reading this author. I'm categorizing this as romantic as there is that element in the book, just not in a good way.

I have this stupid prejudice against male suspense/mystery writers because usually they're too gory for me or I just can't connect with the characters. That's not the case with this book. Robert Parker has probably changed my conception because this book was excellent. I loved Jesse Stone. There's a serial killer case and a rape case that's he trying to solve and bring the criminals to justice. I like that this author realizes the police have no power over plea bargains or sentencing. I've read other authors that make it appear that the police can make these huge deals, just not true. Regarding Jesse's relationship with his ex-wife, at first I'm sitting there in judgement thinking he should just cut her loose and get on with his life, that she's sucking him dry. But when I look over my own life, I've stayed in relationship that weren't good for me either and nothing would have turned me from that path until I made the choice. So, the book ends with a choice - good or bad. I like that too that the ending isn't all tied up in bows with all the cases solved and all the relationship problems dealt with. Great book. I'm planning on reading more of this series.

PS Robert Forster is an excellent narrator!