Brawn - Laurann Dohner Super good book! Brawn is sent to work the human task force and Tim, the leader, has volunteered his daughter's house. He told her she can move back home. She's a 29 year old widow and the last thing she wants to do is move back home. Brawn moves in and the first night they are there, they are both kidnapped by the baddies. They fall in love although both seem to be fighting it and when they are rescued, are both lied to and told that the other doesn't want to see them. So, there's a little heart break going on. Also she has to convince her dad that no one touched her or he swore he'd kill them, even if they had no choice.

Loved Brawn. There's one scene where he gets on his knees and begs her not to leave him and I just totally fell in love with him then. Rebecca was still fighting it but I'd already forgiven him. Why can't these heroines sometimes act more like me!?! Great series.