North Wolf - M.A. Everaux I really liked this book. It starts out with a really messed up heroine. She saw a werewolf kill her father and her mother planned on committing her at the first sign of mental problems. So instead of trying to help her daughter, she just waited. When finally Gwen couldn't take it anymore and tried to commit suicide, she was in a mental hospital for 4 years. Christian is a werewolf that was committed because they thought he was going crazy during the full moon. His older brother Eben comes to pick Christian up and when he gets a whiff of Gwen, he knows he's found his mate. They kidnap Gwen and go home in Northern Canada. Then Eben does this really convoluted kind of romancing, which is none at all and he's all angry to the point where Gwen thinks he dislikes her. He actually has no social skills and he wants what he wants. His dad steps down as alpha around this time and Eben has to fight several challenges until the really bad guy steps up to the plate. But everything is a lot more complicated than they thought.

There was just something about this book that I liked. I liked that Eben's of Middle Eastern decent and I like that Gwen's a little messed up. I would recommend this book.