Claimed - K.R. Smith The heroine's name is Jessica Tandy, which had me skip this book once even though it's free. That was a mistake. I really enjoyed this book and for sure will read more by this author.

Jessica is having the camping trip from hell with her soon to be ex-boyfriend. She's a diabetic, but he doesn't think of that or help her out in anyway. They stop at a bar where she's forced to go to the bar herself to get a juice because he's too busy drinking it up. Flint walks over to help her. When Jessica and her ex end up fighting, Flint offers to take her to her hotel. They end up kissing and you know what, and Flint's werewolf chooses her as a mate, she just doesn't know it.

I loved how Jessica didn't really fight fate. Yes, she's scared and at first she thinks he's nuts, but she just lets life happen and ends up having a great one. Wonderful story.