Adulthood Rites - Octavia E. Butler This book was so good. Akin is the first male born of a human (they've all been females before). With him being part alien, he can say words in days and remembers everything he sees and hears. The only part that looks alien is his tongue. Since the humans who did not want to stay with the aliens cannot have children, they kidnap the alien children. Akin is kidnapped and is eventually traded to a group of people who knew his mother Lilith. The problem is even though he looks completely human, he's not. He learns of some of their struggles and even though he's an infant, he wants to help them when he is older. When he comes back with a solution, not everyone is on board and his body finds the worst time to go through metamorphosis.

Really thought provoking, very doom/gloom book. I'm going to read the 3rd book as soon as I finish this one.