The Long Road Home - Anthony Fusco, Danielle Steel Audiobook, abridged.

The good things about this book - hence the 2 stars:

Anthony Fusco is a great narrator. Did both the male and female voices excellently and I could feel the pain and happiness as he read.

The first half was good, but . . .

The bad things about this book:

Can't Gabrielle ever have a happy life.


First she's beat by her mother constantly while her dad stands there and watches and thinks, "Oh my, I wish she would stop."

Then she's sent to a convent where she finds happiness and then the freaking priest that she has a romance with commits suicide because he can't live with what he's done after he finds out she's pregnant. She then loses the baby.

They kick her out of the convent and she finds a boardinghouse and some more happiness with the friends she makes there until Steve moves in and first turns into a moocher then a murdering psychopath after he kills the older man who became her mentor and friend.

Then Steve beats the shit out of her and she finds this weird out of nowhere romance with the doctor who operates on her. I felt she had more chemistry with Psycho Steve than with Peter the doctor.

I'm a Danielle Steel snob in that I read her a long time ago and grew out of her books. This book reminded me that I have not regressed. They're just one bad thing after another books. Too draining! I'd like some cheese with my whine please.