Wilder's Mate - Moira Rogers Not the best book I've read, not the worst.

Satira's mentor is kidnapped and a Bloodhound, Wilder, is sent by the Guild to help her out. Then Satira is throwing herself at Wilder and he's seems semi-interested. Which hurts her feelings but doesn't stop her from practically begging him to have sex with her. She keeps thinking she won't be good enough so she brags that she's had sex with Bloodhounds before and they didn't complain, they didn't stay but they didn't complain. Then she'll tell him that she just needs a warm body for the cold nights and starts in on the begging neediness. This woman has no pride! Somehow through all this they fall in love which is totally inexplicable, maybe her but him too?

I saw a review for Bloodhounds #2 which was rated really well. So, I thought I'd start at the beginning.