Caine's Reckoning - Sarah McCarty Why oh why don't women stay put when everyone is telling them to? Why do they get all stupid stubborn and say, "Yes, evil men are out to get me and in fact one was out here yesterday, but I want to make a cake and I need eggs and no one is going to tell me what to do!" They are so unbelievably stupid and they put people's lives in danger and they may have a little remorse but it's never enough. LISTEN TO THE MEN WHO KNOW WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT! IF THEY SAY DON'T GO OUTSIDE, DON'T GO OUTSIDE!!! Ugh!

I'm going to give this book 3.5 stars just for the fact above, otherwise I would give it a 4. Desi has been "rescued" which to the men that rescued her means sex slave. She's kidnapped with a bunch of other women for no good reason that I can think of because she was actually chained so how they came upon her I don't know. Then the Hell's 8 guys are asked to find the women and Caine likes her spunk. They are kind of forced into a marriage. Kind of in that Caine could have gotten out of it if he really wanted to. Desi's afraid of sex then when there's no sex because he wants to give her space to heal, she's afraid he'll let her go. Eventually they come to some sort of compromise. They still have to stop the men who "rescued" her before from getting her back dead or alive. There is a reason that is not really talked about. I read book 2 I think first and they didn't get into it there either. So I'll jump to 3 and see if it's there.