Nothing Short Of Perfect - Day Leclaire 3.5 stars.

A recommendation from a group I'm in, I just can't remember which one. Daisy and Justice knew each other when they were teenagers. He was a foster kid in her parents' house. She lied about her age telling him she was 16 (she was actually almost 15) to his 17. When her parents found out they were intimate, they kicked him out to a group home with everyone thinking he was a perv and he lost his scholarship to Harvard. Daisy knew nothing about this and thought he just left. 10 years later, she sees his name at a hotel she's at and crashes the conference. Justice has become very successful with his inventions and in engineering in general. He had a horrible car accident and his memory is hit and miss. He doesn't remember Daisy until after they hook-up and he asks her to leave. The problem is, he left a little present and she needs to find him because her baby is looking like she might be as smart as he is.

Parts of this book were really sweet. I don't think I've ever read a Harlequin book. I liked how you could get through the book in a day. There's a sequel that's coming out this year. I'll put it on my "maybe" list.