Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4) - Kristen Ashley Tyra has a one-night-stand with Tack and after everything is all said and done, she realizes this is the man she has been dreaming about. And then Tack shakes her shoulder, tells her it's time for her to leave and as he's walking out tells her to leave her number. The next morning she goes to her job, sees him kissing another woman goodbye when he couldn't bother kissing her goodbye and that's he is her new boss. Now Tack realizes after she gives him what-for when he tries to fire her that maybe she's what he's been looking for.

Good book. Not as good as the Colorado series but then again I haven't read the rest of the Dream Man series. This author's books are consistently above par and sometimes way above par. I really enjoyed this book. If you're looking for a good contemporary romance author, look no farther.