Victorious Star  - Morgan Hawke If being dominated floats your boat, this book is for you. Victoria Star is a pilot that's been relieved from duty because she wanted to save the ship and not abandon it. She's in the middle of a bar room fight with Captain Ravnos saves her and keeps her. He takes her on board his ship where he and his 2nd Seht have their way with her which includes a lot of anal sex (which they both seem to prefer) and spankings/whippings. As many times as they have sex you'd think there wouldn't be much plot but it's actually pretty good. Trying to find out why so many ships are being stolen and saving a ship from sale and/or destruction. The ships end up becoming sentient beings that Victoria has a real connection to. Great e-book, would recommend it. FYI, the other cover is awful because Victoria has waist long dark hair (cut short in the yellow cover) and Seht has waist long silver white hair (the guy on the cover has short blonde hair). Cover artists/photographers should read the book!!!!