Untitled Downside Ghosts - Stacia Kane Listened to the audiobook. Also own the paperback.

I love this series and that's a lot to say when I didn't really care for the first book when I read it. So much talk about drugs and getting drugs and doing drugs - ugh! Then by the 2nd book when I understood the reasons why she needed to numb herself, it started to click.

This book Chess and Terrible are in a relationship which is freaking her out. She keeps thinking he's going to wake up and realize how awful she is, how he could do better and break up with her. No matter what he does or says she's waiting for the other shoe to drop. So when it looks like Lex is after Bump she feels like everyone's pointing at her as being a snitch and second guessing whatever Terrible does. When he says no to sex one night after they've been interrupted for days including that morning she freaks out and says he doesn't want her anymore and then they both say some hurtful stuff. I was tearing up while listening to this in the middle of Walmart which is probably the best place for me to do this (Have you seen those Walmart customer pictures that have been making their way around the Internet? I fit right in.)

I ended up listening to the book all day and night not going to bed until 2am, when I had to work the next day, that's how good the audiobook is! Recommend this series!!!