Ellora's Cavemen Tales from the Temple I (Tales From the Temple #1) - Sahara Kelly, Lora Leigh, Jaid Black, Doreen DeSalvo Anthology. 3 out of 6 stories were good. Of the ones I didn't like, I could only finish Lani Aames' story. If you're a Ravyn Wilde fan and are reading the series this short story is part of, you'll want this anthology. The other Lora Leigh and Doreen DeSalvo stories appear to be stand alones.

1. Joshua 4.0 by Sahara Kelly. A few samples of the reason I couldn't finish this short story are as follows: "Holy motherboard!" "That was one relationship that had promptly developed a 404 Error. File not found." "I'd like to find that under my Christmas tree."

2. Barbarian by Kate Douglas. BDSM that was a little too extreme then lots of crying. Stopped reading the story.

3. Manimal by Lani Aames. Instant love and the guy's not freaking out? This is a fairy tale. Liked it up until the "I love yous" and her asking him to marry her after pretty much a couple of hours of talking to each other. Ugh!

4. AD 2203: Adam and Eve by Ravyn Wilde. Finally a good story! Adam and Eve are mated although she's been fighting it for 20 years. She didn't want him to stop her scientific work which he doesn't. Cute story.

5. At His Mercy by Doreen DeSalvo. Two people meet to discuss a grant and end up in bed. Pretty good story.

6. Time-Share: Amelia's Journey by Lora Leigh. Crashlanding on planet that adds to their sexual hunger. Hot Lora Leigh story without a lot of the angst.