The First Days (As the World Dies, #1) - Rhiannon Frater,  Cassandra Campbell Cassandra Campbell did a fantastic job with the narration of the book to the point where I can't separate the book from the narration. Would I have liked the book as much reading it? I think so but the narration really was excellent with absolutely no complaints.

All of the characters' lives are thrown when a reanimation disease (zombie) comes from they know not where. Within 24 hours it's get it together or die. This book had a lot of children reanimating with a really heartbreaking scene where a woman's zombie 3 year old is sticking his fingers under the door like he used to do when she tried to be alone in the bathroom (my youngest daughter would do this). So sad! Families are irretrievably broken and everyone is trying to find some kind of comfort. Also with life being so stark, is it possible to give everyone a second chance, drug dealers, criminals?

This book makes me wonder whether I would be the strong one or the one wailing with my hands over my eyes. I think I would be strong, I hope I would be strong. This books is really great for all those what-ifs.