Jacob - Jacquelyn Frank Re-read by audiobook. I also have the paperback. At first I didn't care for Xe Sands' narration much but she definitely got better. The problem is though that scenes from the book that I found unforgettable - him hiding around a corner just to be near her and him falling asleep with his nose at her neck so he could smell her all night - were just read through quickly and I almost missed them. I'll keep the rating the same because I did enjoy the book.

06/16/10 previous reviewThis book started out pretty stilted with all their formal language I was wondering whether I would last, but then the book turned around and I really, really enjoyed it.
Isabella literally falls (from a window) for Jacob. She ends up being a part Druid and starts helping Jacob, a Demon, right off the bat. Throw in some horrible necromancers with some surprised friends of Jacob and their attraction. Isabella's funny and I love the way she talks to everyone like a normal person would. The ending was very sweet. I've read a few of Ms. Frank's books and with the exception of one have enjoyed them all. Would recommend this book.