Ethan of Athos - Lois McMaster Bujold Ethan comes from a planet of men only with women not allowed to visit or communicate or have any kind of influence on the planet. So, in a planet with men only they fall in love or not with each other. Ethan is sent for women's eggs as the eggs they have are not viable and they will no longer be able to birth sons (in mechanical wombs). Ethan's afraid of the evil influence of women but finds beyond the first scare of what they may do, they're really not a problem, at all. Which is refreshing because I kept expecting that this book would have him seeing his first outline of boobies are turn into a horndog. Nope, he finds he's still only attracted to men. I love that the author made this natural and his attraction natural and even the planet, although on the strange-side, natural. You can't fight nature!

I had read [b:Womankind Forbidden Attraction |10399316|Womankind Forbidden Attraction |Stacey Espino||14565991] which had women killing and imprisoning men trying to make them obsolete except for their sperm. This was hard version of that story. Ethan from Athos was a much better version of that story.