Cyborg Nation - Kaitlyn O'Connor Reread 2nd read. Another wonderful book. I love how the cyborgs are really teenagers in men's bodies. They're learning as they go and it's so sweet how they try things
that only make sense to them. This is such a great series! One of my favorites.

Review 06/26/11 Great book! It was funny and a little sad, but mostly romantic and funny. Bronte is kidnapped by 3 of the older model cyborgs, who have no social skills at all but a very active sex drive. The problem is none of the cyborg ladies want them because they're not new and improved. Bronte is a pediatrician who they want in their new colony. The guys look at this as a chance to sex her into agreeing to be their mate (2 to 4 male mates per female is the law). She overhears them and their acting like their convincing her is a military exercise. They have no idea what they're doing and when one of the guys looks like he's making a little progress, the others have to beat the shit out of them. At first this scares her, but it happens so often where they have to "inventory", "reorganize", "distribute" that she gets used to it. They finally do convince her right before their spaceship wrecks and now she finds out what they are fantastic at, protecting her and surviving. Loved these guys, loved how Bronte realizes that they really are trying their best and as they are evolving the guys are having a hard time with all the new emotions. I think this is my favorite so far.