Cyborg - Kaitlyn O'Connor Reread 2nd read. Love this book! I really like how each heroine is a little different. The cyborgs start to meld in my head but the women are all different. Amy comes to love the guys pretty easily for me, well except for Reese. Him I can understand because of her crush. Still, I really enjoyed this book. I'm planning to do a re-read of the cyborg series.

Original review 06/26/11 Amaryllis is one of the cyborg hunters sent to the supposed cyborg stronghold. It's a trap and she barely survives. When they're told they are cyborgs too, she knows it might be true for everyone else but she knows she wasn't. She has living parents unlikely everyone else and her memories are real. She was a severely disabled child (no arms and no legs) until her parents were able to save enough for her to have them surgically attached, but not until she was in puberty. She grew up being feared and ridiculed. Now she has to try to survive when they find out she's really human. Very good book.