Born of Fire  - Sherrilyn Kenyon Okay, I hate Shahara. Syn doesn't hurt her when she comes to turn him in even though she shoots him, pays for her sister's hospital visit when they're about to throw her out, bails her other sister and brother out of jail numerous times, takes the rap for a sister, pays for the same sister's ship to be fixed after she was attacked - but then Shahara thinks he's a liar so he can't be trusted. She finds out from her sister that he's helped the family for years, but no matter what he says, she thinks he's a liar and can't be trusted. She turns him in after doing a blood vow which means a lot in her job title justifying it because of semantics and when she finds out he's been horribly tortured because of it, she thinks he's a liar and can't be trusted so she shouldn't feel too guilty. YOU'RE THE ONE THAT CAN'T BE TRUSTED! She has her head so far up her moralistic ass that if her sisters and brother stood in front of her with cancelled checks and videos, she'd think, "It could be true, but he's a criminal and so he's a liar. I'll turn him in again for more torture and eventual death because I can't lose my job. And he's a liar so he can't be trusted." I really, really, really hate Sahara.

About halfway through, this woman who is a bounty hunter, is deathly afraid of heights (fell out of a window when young), catacombs (because there are dead bodies there). Syn says he's never met a bounty hunter so afraid of everything and she tells him she hates him. Okay. There are torture guys on their tail and he asks her to trust him and she says absolutely not. WTF! This woman is unbelievable. I'm going to put her on my list of worse heroines ever.

Even at the end of the book I'm wondering why he would want her. She still told him she turned him in because of her job, even knowing he was going to be tortured and killed slowly.

Also, I think there was a screw-up because in the first book Syn and Shahara go to the hospital to see how Nyk is doing and they touch hands and say they were busy or something like that. He went straight to jail and only saw Shahara the one time at prison. When I was reading this book I was wondering where that scene went.

So in summation, I hate Shahara and love Syn.

Now about the narration, I think I would have liked him better if I hadn't listened to the first book where they talk about Nyx having an accent that was hard to place, well in this book I figured it out, Brooklyn accent. Not liking that at all. I think they should have kept the same narrator as the one from the first book. She did a much better job.