Dream Called Time - S.L. Viehl Okay, now I get why some of the reviewers were disappointed in this book. I had hoped that Duncan would feel an eternal love but it's as if after a few days he's over Jarn and now all of the romantic things he said to Jarn in the field about finally finding love were all lies. He has just pushed her aside and expects Cherijo to get over it. As much as I liked Jarn more than Cherijo, I really feel sorry for Cherijo when she hears in a video from Duncan's own lips how he never really loved Cherijo. How devastating! And then she just thinks to herself, I need to get over this and poof, they're back together. What!?! And where was all this undying love that Duncan felt for Jarn? If the relationship stuff was handled differently, I probably would have enjoyed the book more, but it was kept foremost in my mind and I just couldn't get beyond it. ***