Dark Side of the Moon - Sherrilyn Kenyon Re-read via audiobook I didn't realize the audiobook was abridged when I started it. I have no idea why the audiobook publisher who pick that version to record but whatever. I enjoyed the narrator [a:Maggi-Meg Reed|547911|Maggi-Meg Reed|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1328023778p2/547911.jpg]. I thought she did an excellent job because she made a book I didn't really care for one that I liked. I even upped the rating a full star. I saw some of the reviews for the book on Audible and I think that most of them were because of the book being abridged but they took it out on the narration too. Unfair. Great job Maggi-Meg!

Previous review 12/09/09Could not get into this book. I really didn't care for Ravyn or Susan that much.