Deadly Game - Christine Feehan Re-read via audiobook. Hmm, didn't like this as much the second time around. I know this is nit-picky, but I stop and start the audiobook throughout the day and the sex scenes just went on and on. This should be a good thing but it wasn't for me. Also, I think they're making a mistake using the same narrator throughout the series. That's fine if it's the same hero and heroine but these are different people each book but sound almost exactly the same (unless they're southern), that's the only difference. I bought the whole audiobook series so I'm just going to finish it. Hopefully I'll enjoy it more. Lowering my rating to a 3.

Previous review 05/31/10 Ken and Mari - boy what a relationship - He's totally scarred from an awful torture and she's been locked up and experimented on her whole life. They're both so damaged and right up until the end they're questioning whether they're good for each other. What was nice about this wasn't that not telling the other person how they really feel and having all these misunderstandings like a lot of romance type books. This was both of them trying to figure out how to be open and vulnerable and whether what they were doing was right. Loved this book. Would recommend it.