After The Ending (The Ending, #1) - Lindsey Fairleigh,  Lindsey Pogue Netgalley.

Such a great book although I have to say the cliffhanger had me yelling to the ceiling with my arms in the classic Y position which had my dogs running to see what in the hell was the matter with me. My daughter and husband have learned to ignore my outbursts. The next book isn't out until the Fall of 2013, just not right. This story follows a flu epidemic and two friends on opposite sides of the US trying to reach each other. No zombies, just some survivors get psycho crazy. About 80% of the population died. I'm calendaring when the next book comes out because I want to read it right away. Great series. I'd recommend it to you apocalyptic-romance fans out there, I didn't realize that should be a genre until now.