Novellas & Stories: A Print Compilation of Wild & Steamy and Fire & Frost - Meljean Brook, Carolyn Crane, Jessica Sims Anthology. 3.66 stars

Blushing Bounder by Meljean Brooks. Great love story with misunderstandings. Such a sweet hero. Loved it! *****

Vixen by Jill Myles. Threesome story. Miko has her future right on her doorstep. Sweet story. ****

Kitten-Tiger and the Monk by Carolyn Crane. Okay Kitten-Tiger in the title is weird in my opinion. It's a nickname her dad gave her and then he died. The hero never called her that. And way too many references to curly fries, especially in the hospital. He said no once without a laugh, so he doesn't need to repeat himself. My least favorite of the 3 stories. ***

My anthology did not include Wicked by Meljean Brooks :(