Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles, #1) - Amelia Hutchins Fighting Destiny by Amelia Hutchins.

My review of this book is me making comments while I'm reading the book. A lot of them are spoiler-ish so I'll spoiler-protect them. Stupid quips: Prince "Who do you work for?" She quipped sarcastically, "Your mother, she wants you to clean your bedroom." All this while she's chained to a wall waiting to die. Okay, my 7 year old neighbor could come up with more sarcasm than that. I don't know how the author's beta readers didn't mention how lame that phrase is.

I officially hate Ryder, he's the biggest, meanest Dick I think I've ever read. I think I would have killed myself by page 68.

And her friends are useless and do not care for her at all. Her roommate knew about the "interview" and didn't tell her and even when Ryder pulls all kinds of horrible mind games and she gets angry about them not letting her know stuff so she wouldn't have killed someone, etc., Synthia feels bad for getting angry at them. Synthia, they're not true friends!

Why is this book rated so high? I think it's doomed the book because I'm expecting perfection and I'm not finding it.

Okay another peeve, Synthia keeps saying that she'll never do something he wants and then does it. Why doesn't she stop with these empty threats. Waste of breath and waste of reading time!

Now his friend is calling him a "Damn fine man" making her second guess herself about him. Um, he had Synthia crawl to him in the dirt and beg him to let her orgasm even while she fought not to. That's rape buddy.

Fancy Face, stupidest nickname ever!

On one page, Ryder is imagining killing Syn and then in the next he's telling her how he will protect her because he protects what is his. Psycho!

Now Ryder's invited her to a party which is really the Wild Hunt and if she doesn't have sex with him tonight, she has to have sex with the next hunter. And if she gets help during the hunt by an ex-boyfriend, Ryder will kill him. How in the hell is this a damn fine man?!

Ryder tells Syn, she only reacts when something is taken from her so he's going to make her friend a Fae sex zombie. He's not a damn fine anything no matter what happens next.

Finally about 4/5 through the book it started to get good and then ended in a cliffhanger. I wish I could go back in time and not read this book but it was a group's monthly read. I'm not planning on reading this series. *1/2