Moon Flights - Elizabeth Moon Anthology.

1. If Nudity Offends You. Louanne sees that a neighbor has been plugged into her trailer siphoning electricity after she receives a larger than normal bill. When she confronts the woman, she notices a note that says to not ring the bell is nudity offends you. The woman is nude and stinky. Her husband brings her more than the bill is worth and the next day they are gone. I have no idea what this story means. Confusing. **

2. Gift. Dall is leaving home. I don't know how old he is but they keep calling him boy. His sister gives him a wooden knife that has some kind of magical power and leads him on an adventure. Okay story. **

3. Politics. About a bunch of Marines that are used to clear out an area because someone high up wants it cleared and doesn't care who gets hurt. The ending had me questioning whether the main character is good or bad. Good story. ***1/2

4. And Ladies of the Club. Warrior women's brass bras are taxed, and that's when I stopped reading the book.

BORING! Back to the library for you!