The Devil Who Tamed Her

The Devil Who Tamed Her - Johanna Lindsey Audiobook. Narrator Laural Merlington.

The book starts out with Ophelia having been rejected on the day of her wedding, which she's not too upset about. Raphael is a friend of the ex-groom to be and makes a wager with him that he can turn this mean girl into a nice one, kidnaps her and her maid and takes her to one of his houses far away. I would have hated Raphael. He was so holier-than-thou and would bring out a literal list of her shortcomings to go through with her.

***Spoilers***Then to top it all off, he has sex with her even though she's a virgin without planning on marrying her. She's a woman of the "ton" but this doesn't seem to bother her at all. What a pig! So, even though the narration was great and the book itself wasn't so bad, this story drove me crazy. Therefore, the lower rating.