The Making of June

The Making of June - Annie Ward, Aasne Vigesaa I have no idea why this books has such a low rating. Although some of the comments do sound a little moralistic and all against June. June and Ethan move to Bulgaia so he can work on his doctorate. This is a move from LA to Bulgaria so it's a huge culture shock for June. Ethan throughout their marriage has been traveling the world leaving her behind but this time she goes. During one of his forays, she has a one night stand with a friend when Ethan doesn't call her and is there with a woman he seems to her to be interested in. When she tells Ethan a month after they were in Bulgaria, he's livid. Of course, forgetting the assistant he was with, saying to himself he doesn't want to think about it. June seeks comfort in all the wrong places and with the wrong people. Ethan moves straight on to a young maid he's been incredibly interested in before they split.

The thing that gets me is that the reviewers of the book are mad at June but not at Ethan. I don't get it. They're both at fault.

P.S. The narrator did a fantastic job.