Turtle Moon - Alice Hoffman, Sandra Burr As I start listening to this audiobook, I realized I had read it a long time ago. Probably when it first came out. It was a good enough book that almost 20 years later, I remember parts of it.

The audiobook is good, but it is really dated. Once the narrator finally started using different voices for different characters, it started getting better.

I forgot how much I liked this author in the early and mid 1990s. I read Anne Tyler, who was quirky, funny and Josephine Tey, who is like a dark Agatha Christie. And then Alice Hoffman who had suspense with a little paranormal twist.

This book's about a town in Florida where a lot of divorcees move. One of them is murdered and Lucy's son and the woman's baby daughter are missing. Lucy is trying to prove that although her son looks guilty, he's not and Julian, the canine sheriff, is following her around. And during the middle of all of this, they're attracted to each other. It all came back as I was listening to it. I wish my regular memory was like that, just give me a hint and I'll remember.