Inescapable - Zannie Adams Rachel rescues Milton, a scientist being held by this bad guy for something he invented. Sounds like a formulaic plot, but then when she gets him to the safe house and she's bandaging him up, they end up having slightly kinky sex. This gets her almost fired until she voluntarily resigns and he takes off for places unknown. About 1-1/2 years later, he's at her new house asking for help to get his device back. That's when the story becomes kind of strange. They go to the bad guy's house who is very attracted to Rachel for no reason I can see. She's hot and cold, whiny and petulant. Milton is standoffish. People are having sex everywhere and for some reason the bad guy, Thane, wants a piece of Rachel. She's kind of interested until he calls her an "innocent" and then she freaks out telling Milton over and over again she's not an innocent. What's wrong with being an innocent? She knows she's never been to any place this strange so who cares if she admits it? This I don't understand. I also don't understand how Milton can get angry with her when she's not convinced there's anything lasting between him when he hasn't seen her in 1-1/2 years and he can barely look or touch her at times. She's strange too, yelling at him for getting in the shower with her and then wondering why he won't be more affectionate.

Strange story. I've read Hold by this author that I liked a whole lot more so I'm not giving up on her work.