Prey: Prey (Audio) - Michael Crichton, George K. Wilson, Robert Sean Leonard The narration is great on this audiobook but I have a few complaints.

1. I know we need to know some of the basics about nano-technology but this seemed way too much. I've read Crichton before so I'm familiar with his way of teaching you a little, but maybe it was the subject matter I didn't care for. Mind wandering often.

2. Jack is not taking any of this serious enough. The swarms are killing people. They tell him to run, he asks why. They say the swarms are coming, he says just a minute. They start yelling to run, he jogs and then doesn't make it to the door. That's classic dip-shit behavior if you ask me.

3. You find out your wife may be having an affair and/or possessed by an evil swarm. No tears for your lost love or anger at what she may be doing with a co-employee. He's a little pissy, but that's about it. Even toward the end when he sees glimpses of the wife he loved, he's all ho-hum not grasping her in a heartfelt embrace. He should never marry again. He has no emotional level beyond frustrated and pissy.

So, in conclusion, the book wasn't so good. I thought it would be, there were some gripping parts, but even with death and destruction all around them, no crying or fists banging on tables yelling, "WHY?!" isn't realistic to me. Unless you're a huge Crichton fan and must read his books in order, put this at the bottom of your TBR Crichton stack.