Loving Chloe

Loving Chloe - Jo-Ann Mapson, Kate Forbes I've listened to Kate Forbes narrating After the Parade which I didn't really care for but I think it was mostly the stilted language that I didn't like. Her narration of this book was so much better that it confirmed to me it was the book and not her. She portrayed the characters so well that you knew exactly who was speaking and the language/dialogue was so much better than the Garlock book.

Chloe drives her pregnant self to Hank and he's overjoyed to see her, which she wasn't sure about. He's a professor and she's a girl raised around men and horses and with a horrible foster parent past, but they seem to love each other no matter what. Hank is a lot controlling and Chloe's trying to make him and herself happy. She's riding horses which she shouldn't do pregnant and ends up having her baby early with Junior Whitebear delivering the baby. Junior feels an instant connection and although Chloe is not married to Hank, she loves him and tries so hard to be loyal to him knowing that a part of her, maybe a big part, wants to be with Junior. I loved the ending, not all tied up in a bow with a smile on top. Good book, good narration.