Open House

Open House - Elizabeth Berg, Beth Fowler Audiobook. Mine are cassettes.

I loved, loved, loved this audiobook and am crazy about almost all of the characters but especially Samantha and King. Samantha's husband leaves her and their 11 year old son. She doesn't know why and thinks if she becomes perfect he'll come back but it doesn't last. She then goes on a spending spree which gets all funds cut off for her. She is forced to take in boarders and starts out great, gets a moody stinker and then finds another great one. Along the way she meets King who works for a temporary agency that Samantha ends up working for because the last job she had was a singer for a band.

The narrator Beth Fowler does a fantastic job. Wonderful with the emotions, the characters - loved her.

I would recommend this book. I'm planning on reading more by this author.