Ask the Cards a Question (Sharon McCone Mysteries)

Ask the Cards a Question  - Marcia Muller, Bernadette Dunne Audiobook. Narrated by Bernadette Dunne.

First time reading/listening to this author and I don't know if it's the narrator's fault, but the dialogue seemed so stilted. It felt like there were no contractions at all. "Yes, I would like to see if they are happy with the time it has taken for me to drive across town." No contractions. "Yes, I'd like to see if they're happy with time it's taken for me to drive across town." With contractions and normal speech. Since I didn't have the book in front of me I'm assuming the the narrator spoke verbatim because the case does say it's unabridged. This made the dialogue between characters feel unreal to me and put a real hamper on me enjoying the audiobook.

The mystery itself, I didn't figure out the main bad guy (because there are quite a few regular bad guys in this book) was until right before it was revealed but I think that was the author's way of catching us up. I like that because I'm a pretty guesser. I wasn't crazy about the heroine or really anybody in the book which is kind of important if I want to get into a series, to either love or hate the main character where I want to see what happens next. So I think unless a free audiobook drops in my lap, this will the only book I will read in this series.