Greywalker (Greywalker, #1)

Greywalker  - Kat Richardson, Mia Barron I'm nearly 100% positive (let's say 98-1/2) I would have liked this book better reading it. Mia Barron's narration, especially of at least half the men, made them very, very whiny. One new vampire sounded like a whiny surfer and I'm sure the author didn't want that portrayal because nowhere in the audiobook was he described as that. Either the director gave the narrator very bad direction or Mia thinks that most American men sound that way. There were at least three.

The book itself was okay but I think that again the narration had the heroine's voice as more an elocution lesson with each syllable and consonant clear enunciated. You didn't see this in the other female voices though.

Even with my complaints above, I think Mia found her groove towards the end but couldn't completely change the voices at that late date, especially the whiny surfer vampire Cameron. Hopefully by book two they American male voices and the heroine's voice have been thrown out and started anew because I think overall the book was pretty good. However, with the narration, I'm only giving 3 stars. If the narration were better, it would have been 4 stars.