The Ice Queen

The Ice Queen - Alice Hoffman, Nancy Travis Audiobook.

Oh my gosh! First of all I've liked the narrator/actress [a:Nancy Travis|1205829|Nancy Travis|] on TV and in the few movies I've seen her one but I have never realized what a great actress she is. The bitterness, hurt, love, yearning, etc all come across so wonderfully. I am for sure going to listen to more of her audiobooks and definitely watch more of her movies. I'll have to do a search for her works and I'm probably going to be pleasantly surprised by all of the movies she's done.

Now for the book. Great! A little girl makes a wish and everything in her life changes. And as she gets older, you'd think the wishes wouldn't exist anymore but if she says something out loud it happens, sometimes with horrible repercussions. Then at the end of this book, you find out maybe it wasn't wishes at all (or maybe it was). I love [a:Alice Hoffman|3502|Alice Hoffman|]'s books. If you like some pretty dark, with glimpses of lightness, books, you'll enjoy her books.