Shadow Falling - Rebecca Zanetti

First off, the names remind me a lot of what Lora Leigh names male characters including one whose name is Tace Justice. A little eye-rolling.

And then very weak women who are having to be carried and who faint all the time saying they're going to kick someone's ass. I'm surprised the guys don't laugh immediately. Also, I've never heard anyone man or woman say "Damn Straight" and I come from a long line of poor rednecks so you'd think I'd have come across that phrase a time or two. Nope. But I see it constantly in these types of books. This was such a struggle to finish that I'm not going to read anymore of the series for a while. I was bored through most of it especially with Raze (his real name supposedly) having a secret that everyone knows he is keeping but he can't make up his mind whether he's going to tell it, even though he keeps talking about it and other people talk about it and he even mentions there's a letter somewhere that talks about it. 

Then the author throws in a religious group that's segregated themselves not because of the religion but because they don't have the virus. Why make them religious?

And, of course, the bad guy - who for some stupid reason the good people think should stay President even though he's a psychotic killer - just skips away from every bad situation. Especially when these supposed elite soldiers are after him and he, with no training, can just shoot and stab with abandon and the soldiers are saying "Aw shucks, he got away again. Dagnabbit!" If they say, "Damn Straight" then they probably say "Dagnabbit" too. 

2-1/2 stars.