Déjà Dead - Kathy Reichs



Another book with a To Stupid to Live (TSTL) character. Brennan is trying to figure out who the serial killer is so she keeps going to places where he might have been/might be constantly by herself. And although she has the police to work with since SHE'S JUST AN ANTHROLOGIST, if they don't answer the phone she doesn't leave a message, she just gets up and goes. Then when he's targeted on her, it seems the perfect time for a nighttime run and a nighttime tour of a practically abandoned property. She finds a dead body but since it's so late the police will just put someone out to guard it and will look at in the morning. Is this normal police behavior? The killer targets her best friend and when she finds her daughter's picture with her friend's dead body does she stop and say I should try to stay with people or in my home? No, this doesn't stop her at all, she's still going places by herself. And since she's figuring things out quicker than the police, do you think they'd answer the phone most of the time when she calls? Nope, they always put her though voicemail. Then she finds out her daughter is driving up to see her (this is the early 90s so I guess no cell phones to call and warn her). Does she stay home to be there when her daughter arrives? Nope, she goes to work out and finds her daughter's backpack when she gets back. Is she worried? Kind of, but she has work to do. 

If this is what the rest of the books are like, I'm going to give up on this series.