Sycamore Row - John Grisham


I've come to hate books that tell of horrible things that have taken place or could have taken place. This book is an example of that. I was just heart sick for days after reading it. Then with all that's happening in Virginia, it's like this stuff will never go away. When I was young I couldn't get enough of true life tragedy, now it just depresses me. The ending was predictable but even worse than my predictions.

The procedure parts of a law case went on far too long. I don't know if the author wanted to make it true to life but it was practically on par with, "As every lawyer should be aware, that when someone dies, their assets become property of their estate. Any income those assets generate is also part of the estate and may trigger the requirement to file an estate income tax return. Examples of assets that would generate income to the decedent’s estate include savings accounts, CDs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and rental property. IRS Form 1041, U.S. Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts, is required if the estate generates more than $600 in annual gross income. Jake grabbed a black fountain pen because at the top of the form it asked that signatures be made in black ink so he thought he would save time by filling in the entire form with the same pen." 

This went on and on and on and on and on and on. I would stop paying attention and/or fall asleep. Then I remembered why I had stopped reading Grisham. Too much like my own work!