The Light In The Lake - Ron Foster, Cheryl Chamlies

I'm not loving the way the women are depicted in this book. It's not done overtly demeaning or anything but the small amount is pretty constant when the women are mentioned. Hey author, I'm the level-headed one in my family! It's my husband that needs a little push to get going and then he's great but I'm the one that reacts first to an emergency. And I'm positive I'm not the only one.

This book was a little too happy for me. There was mention of bad people on the other side of the lake and of people being robbed but the ending was a little unrealistic to me. I'm not saying there would be all out war but I didn't see any mention of rationing or people losing at least a little bit of weight that I would normally expect especially since there were so many people with their group. Also David only had a passing problem with people borrowing his guns - for long periods of time. So good book but not as good as the others.