The Woman in Cabin 10 - Helen Ruth Elizabeth Ware, Imogen Church

Firstly, am I the only one who sees a little similarity with The Girl on the Train? A woman who is drunk a lot although she keeps internalizing that she needs to stop, can't sleep, with a history of a mental break, who sees something happen and is accused of being paranoid and imagining things. It's slightly different but not by much.

The book was good but not great (at least to me) and here's the problems I had with it. Lo running around and around about this woman who she felt had died - no one believes her, she's being threatened - so instead of just shutting up and waiting until they're at dock to talk to the authorities she won't shut her trap and therefore makes herself a target. Secondly, who goes on a week's vacation - one week! - with their favorite Winnie the Pooh book from childhood. I know the author has plans for that book but it's ridiculous that a grown woman would take this on a week's vacation. And the ending, why? Why would she do that? That makes no sense.

So good but but not great. 3 out of 5 stars